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How to increase your car battery life in the summer


COVID-19 has changed our daily schedules and has affected the regular running of your car as well. On top of it, the summer has set in full swing. During summers, the car battery tends to throw up issues which is very common. Anyone who has experienced Mumbai’s summer heat and humidity will agree how severely it can affect the car’s battery if not cared for. We mechanics try and have the issue nipped in the bud so that your beast can live a longer life at the minimum expense!

Here are some 8 simple tips to protect your car battery from the harsh summer heat to let it live a long life:

1. Apply Sunblock! (Minimize heat exposure)

With the Mumbai temperature rising, you need to be extra cautious to keep your battery safe from summer heat. Always search for the shade and park your car under the same. Also, make it a habit to bring the covers out and get the entire dashboard covered. You should also turn the car off if you are on idle mode (eg. Traffic signals), as overheating even though not to a great extent, can damage the battery a great deal. Trust us, this is really effective and simple. Please make this a habit and your car will thank you!

2. Tests! Just what the doctor ordered! (Battery Tests)

Batteries perform best between 10°C – 30°C and temperature above this range does harm the battery. The higher range temperature is a regular feature in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. So, it is a good idea to get your car battery checked regularly in the summer months. To get your battery checked you can click here, one of us mechanics will visit and get the battery checked anywhere in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

As a thumb rule, you should have your battery checked at least once a year or just follow your car’s regular maintenance schedule. However, if you have been using same battery for more than 3 years you might want to consider replacing it. Regular service helps your car run without glitches and also protects the battery from avoidable damage and eventually battery replacement because of the heat.

3. Let it Drink water (Add distilled water when necessary)

For a long battery life, try maintaining a healthy equilibrium by mixing distilled water to the battery when necessary. Hot summer temperatures drive up the heat under the hood/bonnet and accelerate the probability of battery failure which can result in evaporation of the battery fluid. Adding distilled water will help in reducing the damage which has been caused due to overheating.

4. Exercise! (Keep your car moving)

When your car is out of the regular running routine, it loses its mojo pretty soon. Try and take your car along with you while going out to buy essentials and other necessary goods. If the same is not possible, don’t forget to turn on your car’s engine for at least 10-15 minutes a day, the battery starts draining when the engine remains inactive for a long time.

5. Happy Battery! (Keep the battery Charged)

Proper charging of the battery is single most important action which ensures that battery will last for its intended life. Get your car’s battery charged from time to time. A tricky task is to confirm that the electrical system is charging at the correct rate as overcharging can damage a battery as quickly as undercharging. To check if your battery is getting charged perfectly or to get your battery charged you can click here. one of us mechanics will visit and get the battery checked and charged anywhere in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

6. Protect the protector (Keep the battery insulated)

It is necessary to protect your car battery with insulated covers. New car variants in order to achieve better fuel efficiency compromise with the hood space shrinking it. This affects the airflow in engine, making the battery more vulnerable to heat shortening its life. The insulation wrap can protect your car battery from heat effectively. Another factor to check is the corrosion accumulating on battery terminals. In such a case, corrosion reduces current flow and reduces efficiency. Kindly contact us mechanics for a battery test in such cases and click here to read more about how to insulate a car battery.

7. Periodic Inspection (Inspect the fan belt)

Fan belt connects the engine cooling fan to the alternator and the crankshaft pulley. In layman’s language, it is one of the most essential car parts (Read more about fan belt by clicking here) that need regular maintenance and inspection and your car’s battery will not charge if the fan belt isn’t working properly. If the fan belt is sturdy and in great working condition it will easily adjust the tension and deliver optimal performance.

8. Cool Dude Coolant! (Keep your Coolant Healthy)

As summers are at its best in Mumbai, you need to check coolant level of battery regularly. You cannot afford to let the coolant run out. If coolant is not in good condition cooling system can malfunction due to lack of coolant which will lead engine to overheat. Read more about coolant and how it is your car’s super protector in Mumbai’s summer heat by clicking here.

For any assistance you need regarding your car, car mechanics online is available 24x7 at your service to help and guide you.