6 Signs your car battery is dead


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Here are some indicators that you have a dying car battery


The battery is an important part of your car and it should be serviced regularly to increase its working life. The alternator & battery functions together to provide power supply to all-electric components in the car. A dead car battery can land you in difficult situations, stranded at home, office parking or roadside etc. Symptoms of dead car battery are easy to recognize and some of you might have already noticed it. Every car owner should know the primary indicators of a dead battery. One of the most common indicators is a clicking sound produced by the starter. However, there are other indicators as well. Let’s find it out

1.       Slow Engine Response:

If your car is taking more than usual time to start then there might be an issue with your car battery. Due to inadequate power supply from a battery, car engine takes a bit more time to start. In cold weather due to battery draining & in monsoon due to leakage, this issue occurs the most.

2.       Dim Headlights:

When you press the accelerator and doesn’t find any difference in increasing headlight beam, your car battery is on the verge of discharge. Headlight need fully charged battery to produce full beam while driving. A similar problem occurs with Car AC and Radio system when the car battery is running low. 

3.       Clicking Sound from Starter:

Starter receives current supply from the battery to drive the engine. If this current supply is weak, starter motor won’t power the engine & results into clicking sound from bonnet end. Also, the empty battery doesn’t make any noise, in such cases, the issue must be with other parts of car viz. such starter motor failure, faulty fuse & ignition switches etc. 

4.       Misfiring of the car:

This issue is closely related to the car slow crank explained above. Due to misfiring more fuel accumulate in the combustion chambers and ultimately passed through exhausts. The misfiring issue might be possible because of other problems hence it is recommended to check the car before deciding on car battery replacement. 

5.       Weak door lights:

If the battery is low, you will notice weak door lights. If you replace the battery and still the problem remains, you should check door light connections to the battery terminal. Loose wiring is one of the causes of the car not starting.

6.       Check engine light:

This is one of the reasons for the empty car battery issues. Check the battery voltage using a voltmeter to confirm the same.

A good battery should last for 5 years as most car battery manufacturers provide 2 years warranty plus 2 years guarantee. If you turn on the ignition key and nothing happens, you could be dealing with a dead car battery. You can contact Car Mechanics Online for car battery-related issues on +91 9930907778. Also, for roadside emergency assistance Car Mechanics Online deliver 24-hour car mechanic at your location anywhere in Mumbai.