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Simple safety tips for car travel during the coronavirus pandemic


The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged our status quo like nothing else. Millennials will back us, car mechanics, online on this one. On the one hand, we need to stay home to stay safe and on the other hand, we must go to different stores to buy the essential services. It is prudent to suggest that everybody is affected significantly by the coronavirus global pandemic. The simplest advice is to stay home, follow basic hygiene precautions, maintain social distancing, and eventually stay safe. But what if you have to head out to get some essentials or need to respond to an emergency by car?

You might want to take note of our advice.

1.    Ekla Cholo Re (Go Alone)

Probably for the best, traveling alone especially is the best possible scenario in this situation. However, gloves and a mask are absolutely mandatory. The interiors, as well as the exteriors of your car, are magnets for dust and grime. The virus supposedly stays on most metal bodies for at least 3-6 hours. Therefore, it is better to leave the house for as little time as possible and do not take your parents, especially senior citizens along with you.

2.    There’s a reason it’s called a glove compartment!

Keep a sanitizer handy at all times with you. It is prudent to wash your hands with the sanitizer even with the gloves on before touching the steering wheel especially if there are multiple drivers in the house. Sterile surgical gloves are your best bet against catching the virus. Do not remove the mask even with the windows up and the Air conditioner on.

3.    Touch Me Not!

During the short trip, strictly avoid unnecessary physical contact with multiple parts of the car like door handles (inside and outside), the window buttons or handles/levers, AC knob, vents, and other buttons. Make sure that the car is hygienic and is washed thoroughly. In order to read more on how to wash the car during coronavirus pandemic, click here.

4.    No Bless You, without a mask!

Sensitize your co-passengers if you must have them together in the car to use masks or any other material to cover their nose and mouth. If the car is not being washed regularly due to the non-availability of the house help/ security guard responsible for the same, dust will naturally start accumulating in the car. Given the dusty and humid climate in Mumbai bang after the annual flu season, one might cough or sneeze without any additional reason. Therefore, no more bless you’s without proper protection.

5.    Keep your car well fed!

It is a good practice to keep the fuel tank near full in order to prevent the moisture from accumulating in the tank and developing rust. Make sure the requisite amount of coolant is present especially on the onset of harsh summer months of April and May to ensure that you're ready to drive once the travel restrictions are lifted. Take necessary precautions while having your tank filled at the petrol pump and make it a habit to use contactless payment methods and digital payment methods whenever possible.

In case of depletion of coolant (you can read more about the importance of coolant by clicking here) or fuel at any point in time, you can give us a call on +91 9930907778. We will send our car mechanic/ car technician at your location anywhere in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai by clicking here.