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10 easy tips to prepare your car for the rainy season


Once we mechanics were celebrating Makar Sankranti and someone joked that the monsoon will come before we know it. Corona Virus will make his prophecy come true it seems. Monsoon is one of the favourite seasons for many people it brings the much-needed romantic long drives! Just traveling through the lush green western ghats to Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala makes us so happy, doesn’t it?

However, living in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai gives you irritating potholes monsoons, water clogging, traffic jams and sucks your happiness like a dementor if you are driving. The one who bears the most burden is your car with the undue pressure on its axles, suspensions and tires. So, why not to be a little more proactive and prepare your car for the Rainy season.

Here are 10 quick fail safe ways to prepare your car for the rainy season:

1.    Check Your Tyres

It is very important for your car tyres to in good shape for the monsoons. Let’s just say that the roads in Mumbai are not the best and many of them are under construction because of the undergoing metro construction. However, the incessant rains make the roads suffer from degradation and create infinite potholes.

As a good car caring citizen, make sure that tyre inflation and the tyre pressure is checked regularly. Ideally, one glance at the tyres before leaving home, especially for checking cracks and tyre pressure is a must. Nails, sharp objects tend to get scattered in the rains and you might want to visit your local car mechanic on a monthly basis. Check tyre treads as your car tends to lose its grip on wet road surfaces. You can also have one of our mechanics visit your place anywhere in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai by clicking here.

2.    Anti-Rust Coating

A couple of trips down clogged lanes during monsoon will age your car faster than multiple trips in arid weather on a dusty terrain. We cannot stress enough the need to get a new coat of anti-corrosion paint. Invest in your car’s life with a fresh coat of anti-rust paint on the car body along with a wax coat just before the monsoon arrives.

You may love rains, just make sure your car does too. Greasing all the door hinges is also necessary. Also, use anti-corrosion spray on exposed metal areas. The moisture and humidity in Mumbai bring along rust and corrosion – not the company you want your car to have.

3.    New Wipers and Washers

The wipers and washers play the most important role during monsoons and we need to ensure that they are in proper working condition before the monsoon arrives.

Generally, the rubber on the wiper pads gets sticky during the intense heat in Mumbai and makes the windshield blurry. Bad wipers don’t take much time to make you drive blind (literally) putting your life at risk. Replace the creaky old wiper pads and do get your wind shield in order before the rains. Also, keep the wiper washer bottle topped up with mild detergent for better visibility.

Also, a tiny crack on the windshield can make life miserable. Water can creep in through these tiny cracks and create havoc. Even the small scratches made by the damaged wiper blades can let rainwater inside the car.

4.    Get the AC checked

With the arrival of the rainy days, the use of Air conditioner (AC) also increases as the car labours through the difficult roads while you try and driving and keep your cool.

So, get your air conditioner checked with us by clicking here. One routine that we mechanics advise is to keep the AC in defogger mode as that filters out a lot of soot and moisture which tend to reduce your car’s life.

5.    Stuart Little and the Electrical circuits

Summers are the best time to get your wires and loose connections checked as monsoon also invites a lot of rats to your car’s underbelly. Cringe, right? These rodents are deadly as they chew off many important cables and wires. You can read more about how to deal with this problem by clicking here

If you have any weak electronic connection or any loose connection in your car, patch them. Incorrect wiring or wires with their insulation jacket peeling off have a high possibility of shorting, especially when they come in contact with water creating a safety hazard to all present in the car. We make sure that the external wires are insulated to give you safe car rides during monsoons.

6.    Brake Pads and Discs

If you’re not comfortable about the brake pressing response and stopping distance lag, you should get the brake pads and brake discs checked immediately. While getting in and out of the car, try and prevent your wet clothes from dampening the seats and the seat covers to reduce moisture inside the car.

7.    Battery Power Up

During monsoon, it is a common occurrence that the battery gets drained or starts leaking. Proper maintenance of your battery can really save a lot of inconveniences. You can read more about protecting your car battery by clicking here.

Avoid accumulation of moisture by applying petroleum jelly on its power terminals. Battery breakdowns leaving you stranded in the torrential rains is not a pretty sight. In any such event, just call us and one of our mechanics will reach the spot ASAP in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane.

8.    Pre-Monsoon Service

A simple pre-monsoon service check-up for your car before the rains hit hard is your insurance policy before taking your car out to the office or those soothing long drives. The monsoons can be incredibly unpredictable at times, hence it's good to have spares for components such as the wiper blades and fuses on hand.

You can get your car a pre-monsoon service by clicking here where we assure that your car is checked as per the guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer enabling a detailed examination of all key functions of the car.

9.    Running Lights

You must have seen those headlights filled with water in the rainy season. Running lights play a crucial role especially on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway during the monsoons. If your lights are in good condition which includes the parking lamps, headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights, fog lights, number plate lights, and turn indicators, you are all set.

Flickering and fluctuating lights can indicate a weak battery. The uneven beam should be fixed as it is equally crucial for your safety as well as of the oncoming vehicles.

10.          Rubber Mats

Monsoons may bring relief after scorching summer but it also means trying times for your car hygiene. Humidity in a car plays havoc with the interiors what with the smell and the mud!

During this rainy season, it's normal for people to enter the car with drenched cloths and wet shoes, which leads to the accumulation of moisture and foul smell inside the car.

So, it is important to keep rubber mats in your car to keep your interiors clean and maintain proper car hygiene.

Schedule a routine pre-monsoon check-up just by visiting car mechanics online and one of us mechanics will do the same at your home/ office anywhere in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.