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How do I stop rats from eating my car wires?


2020 is really turning out to be the nightmare of the life. It’s really getting on our nerves what with the With Covid-19 outbreak and missing out on our long drives, isn’t it?

We are not exaggerating when we say that almost 50% of wiring problems and insulation peeling is directly linked to rats. A bigger problem is that the repairs will cost you a bomb. So, why exactly have rats become such a big risk to our cars? Well, “You take your car 20 to 30 years ago, they didn’t have that many wires,” said Bruce Jenkins, a service fleet manager for AAA’s Mid-Atlantic Region in The Washington Post. “Now you have wiring for everything. There’s so many different sensors and computers and modules.” It has also to do with the increasing population of rats due to global warming. You can read more about it here.

Within 24 hours, a rat can wreak havoc as it gnaws its way through insulation and wires. A car engine offers a dark and warm escape from the harsh outside world becoming a second home for the rodents.While we mechanics agree it is disgusting but it is a huge risk to your car’s well-being and must be mitigated. So here are some basic tips to protect your car from rats and mice.

1.    Cleanliness is underrated

One of the most important steps is keeping your car squeaky clean (pun intended) as junk like tissues, fast food bags, used paper cups are nothing but magnets for rats and mice. Try to avoid spilling snacks in the car and vacuum between and beneath the seats often. Keep your car unclean and it becomes the ideal housing society for rats.

2.    Avoid Moisture

Mumbai on the one hand is notorious for its humid and hot weather. Try and keep the car dry and avoid the moisture to build inside your car. Rodents thrive on water and are naturally cozy in such environments. So don’t allow moisture in your car and clean it regularly to keep it dry.


3.    No Entry points

To save your car from rodents, you can block the entry points to the car’s engine not allowing rats to enter and gain access to the engine. Check air intake vents and the wheel well vents. Wire mesh screens work fairly well to close up these openings. You can also place mouse traps on wheels around the car. Another technique is to hang tobacco filled bags under the belly of the car as it too has proved successful in many cases, especially when you have to park your car on the roads.


4.    Suspicious Rat Attacks

Well, not exactly Sherlock Holmes but you get the drift. It always helps to be a bit overprotective about your car. Small clues like droppings, distributed rubbish and nibbled wire-tape bits around your car especially when your car is under lockdown for a long time. Always be careful of all the indicators on your car as well, if any of them lights up, do get it checked by a mechanic. Now you can get the same service at your home by clicking here.

5.    Avoid fallen leaves

It is necessary to keep your car away from leaps of fallen leaves, especially during autumn. When these leaves fall and accumulate, rats have get drawn to such heaps and your car can be their favourite place whenever your car is surrounded by the foliage.

6.    Rat Repellents

The only way you and your car can live in peace is by disturbing the peace of the rodents. Ultrasound alarms and strobe lights can disturb their peace and reduce the chances of them nesting in your car engine.

You can spray repellent smells around the engine using e.g. Peppermint oil, WD-40 and electronic deterrents to create an unpleasant environment for them. You can read more about it here.

7.    Mothballs

The unmistakable aroma of mothballs is liked by none, but they do the trick in terms of keeping mice and rats away from your car. Mothballs could be poisonous so you should ideally keep them sealed in a nylon bag. You can also spread them inside the engine or place them on top of your tires which are generally the entry points for rats.


Mice and rats accompanied by their constant need to chew something can cost you thousands of bucks unnecessarily when they have found their way inside your cars along with making it a safety hazard.

As we always say, precaution is better than cure! So follow the above tips to protect your car and if it is already damaged by rats and mice, you can get your car repaired by having a mechanic visit you anywhere in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane by clicking here.